The power of Dogs

A good man said the journey always begins at your front door, and you must be careful not to get caught up in some dangerous adventure, or heaven knows where you will wind up.

I have wound up in some pretty amazing places in the last decade, both good and bad, and Kate has been with me, never leaving my side.

I can say that for the last decade, Katey has provided me with the courage and strength to do a great many things that I would not have, had she not been there. Riding in the passenger seat of my Jeep, she has seen over one quarter of America, and proudly peed in all of them, a sort of doggie graffitti… I have been here. Well she has been around, and against all odds, she has taken me for the ride.

SO… its time to make sure that other people with illnesses have the opportunity and help of their canines to get through the hard times.

Katey’s Keep seeks to alleviate some of the burdens of canine companion care so that the individual with an illness or a disability can focus on their own recovery and enjoy the experience of “living in the now” of having a dog.

Scientists are now confirming what most dog owners always knew… that the relationship between man ans dog is unique and it inspires those who question their own strength to continue on, instead of giving up.

There have been many days that I have wanted to just give in… stop fighting.. but I always stopped that thought when it came to who would care for my dog. In return for that care, she showed me what was really important in life, and took me on a journey of discovery, one with as many painful lessons as joyful ones.

She inspires me to live. It is my hope that there are tens of thousands of dogs like Katey around the world who are inspiring their humans to persevere and to rise to the occasion when a health struggle seems unattainably painful and unendurably long.

Come on the journey with me as we find all those stories out there and make sure that canine companions receive the care they need as they support their humans in crisis.

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