Whats happening inside Katey’s Keep: report on organizational progress

good day!

just a few organisational notes, and info on what happening inside Katey’s keep.

The foundation committee has formed the board of corporate officers, and they have appointed interim Co-Directors of the permanent Board of directors until 501(3) (c) papers have been accepted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The foundation committee is a collection of at large directors that have given input and molded the direction the incorporated charity, katey’s Keep, Inc.,

the directors at large of the formative foundation committee will elect officers of the board of directors from with in itself, and move to discuss and authorize the by-Laws of the corporation. The proposed by-laws will be online on our site, and once confirmed, will be permanently listed and available online with the minutes of each board meeting.

In the interim, we are existing as a proprietary small business, This allows us to open a savings account to pay for the cost of incorporation. Currently the members of the committee are paying for expenses out of personal pocket, You can see  the new  donate page on kateyskeep.com, or click here if you would like to give to the foundation fund to help cover costs of incorporating. This savings account will be rolled over into the official account, once we receive our IRS EIN ID number as a non-profit entity.

When that happens, we will begin an earnest online campaign to raise funds and grants through public and private venues as well as introduce a line of items such as T-shirts, hoodies, glasses, mugs, dog collars and dog bowls. 100 percent of the sale of these items will go to dogs in need or in a fund waiting for dogs in need.

Germano Silveira, Co Director of katey’s Keep foundation committee will continue to film the documentary on the healing relationships between dog owners and their pets. All proceeds from the documentary will go to help dogs in need.

Mr Silveira, the second youngest elected official in the commonwealth of Massachusetts,  current legislative intern in the state capital, and film maker, is one of our greatest assets, and may be looking you up as he composes his documentary on the charity…. You know you you are! 😉

Germano and Andrew will continue to operate as co directors of the committee until the articles are accepted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a board of directors meeting confirms them as co-Directors. We will tay engaged and will be active in social media. We will be easy to reach.


Last week, thanks to your likes and shares, we reached one thousand people a day through Facebook and our other social media, such as YouTube and Twitter.

Your invaluable support and belief in our cause has been instrumental in transforming an idea about a charity into a functional model and path that makes differences.

Following us on twitter and liking us on Facebook exposes us to the people you know in a passive positive way.  Every like and share of our page and site furthers our cause. Thanks to Steve, Dale, Mara, Diane and so many more for participating so much with our Facebook page!

You provide us with the kind of PR we cannot buy or afford, and we are Eternally grateful!

Our on-line vision further down the road is to create a kickstarter type of site, to match up dogs, we have identified as in of help with people who want to help them. Donations go directly to the individual dog of your choice. As such, kateyskeep.com is slowly being nudged in that direction.

Thanks for your continued support!


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