Are you a member of Katey’s Kourt?

Welcome to Katey’s Kourtyard on facebook at!

Katey’s Keep Inc, is an organization whose mission is to find affordable healthcare for companion pets of people who are sick, ellderly or disabled. Our Home Facebook page, Katey’s Keep, is the page we have used to relay developmental and fundraising activities, that will allow us to raise grants and funds to directly pay for veterinary costs of people and pets in health crisis. This is a slower paced page that gives you one or two stories of interest a day and one or dog lover memes, and a weekly update on where we are on fulfilling the goals set forth in our mission statement.

Katey’s Kourtyard is a fast paced page for the avid dog lover, that gives you time sensitive info, on rescues, transports, adopts, and fostering of dogs, ensuring that we have a network of online friends in place should the need ever occur for forever homes to be found for our clients pets who outlive their human companions.

With a bit of fun thrown into the mix. 😉

We pass on Inspiring and fun stories of interest within the Facebook Dog Community,and stories from the pages of dogs who have a page of their own just because they are loved by their humans. : o)

We relay fun stuff such as finding whose offering great deals and coupons for pet supplies, what rescue groups are selling to raise funds for themselves,

You may also see some stuff from our  pet lovers friends who have multiple pet addictions…lol, cat and dog households, and general animal rights awareness pages, and their efforts to educate people on the value of every life on the planet, not just the human ones.

My grandmother was a dog lover, and she loved to tell tales of her pets and her friends who loved their dog as much as her. She had a way of putting it perfectly…. ” you know, Dog people”. 🙂


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