How we got a dog park: community organizing for animals: Pawtowattomie Park

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Due to a fluke of good timing,  infrastructure money availability, and a core of really  smart, committed people in my neighborhood of Rogers park  on the north side of Chicago, we got a dog park.  Let me explain how this  happened….

Our alderman, Joe Moore, in a fit of  generosity (to make up for  Tax Increment Financing fiascos?  not sure), decided to allow us to vote on  how to spend $1,000,000 of infrastructure money.

This money could not be spent on salaries for teachers, or supplies. It had to be spend on infrastructure.

Now, my community’s infrastructure is old.  Our streets constantly need resurfacing, but our community is composed of very interesting people, and among the proposals put forward were community gardens, street art…& the dog park.

We has several months to get this together, so we  first put up a facebook page. and  pooled some money to …

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