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Hachiko made his way along the familiar path to Shibuya Station. When the devoted canine reached his favorite spot he settled in to wait for his master. Hachiko scanned each face of the passengers that rushed about the station.

Shibuya Station 1Shibuya Station in the Taisho and Pre-war Showa eras (1912-1945)

As Professor Ueno of the University of Tokyo stepped from the train Hachiko rushed to his side. His owner greeted Hachiko with a warm, affectionate hug and the two headed home. It was a ritual they followed daily until…

One day the professor didn’t get off the train. Hachiko was frightened and confused.  There was no way he could know that the man he loved so deeply had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and would never come home again. Hachiko could not accept that his beloved master would no longer be at his side. The loyal dog returned to the station…

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  1. I’m so glad that Hachiko’s story has touched so many people … I hope the love continues to grow.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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