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Have them test for Lupus. I hope all is well. God bless. If any Katey’s Keep can see their way to helping this pup, it would be deeply appreciated.

Needy Fluffies

Maggie has had a sting of health issues that have been plaguing her for the last 4 months. Maggie is a 6 year old retirever mix who came to us with some serious skin issues. She has lost her hair, and her skin is fragile and painful. She has been poked, prodded, scraped, bathed, medicated, and more. We have done blood work to test for everything under the sun and have yet to come up with any answers.

Now today, Maggie’e foster mom found her under the table having a seizure  Maggie is unable to walk and was rushed to the Emergency Vet.  She is currently there and frankly is not doing well.

BFDR fans: we need your positive thoughts and we also need to raise money for her hospital bill. Her current bill is just under $2000 and we still don’t know what is wrong with her.  We have started…

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Bring your pets inside.

Shechaim's News of the Day


If we could only learn to love each other half as much as our pets love us, what a great world we would be living in?

If it’s too cold for you it’s too cold for your pets Bring them inside.

This is a photo found going around Facebook, it looks real bad for any pet or people for that matter.

I was so upset when first seeing this I wanted to join a posse looking for and tying up the owner/owners in a walk in freezer until you would need an ice pick to free them!

Then I remember Luke, “may he rest in peace”.

No, my pal Luke just got old one day.

Luke lived most of his life in L. A. California, until I stole him, his sister and his pet (Donna) to New England.


The first snow that year dumped 18″…

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The Human-Animal Bond in 1916

Maxi's Comment's…

Hachiko made his way along the familiar path to Shibuya Station. When the devoted canine reached his favorite spot he settled in to wait for his master. Hachiko scanned each face of the passengers that rushed about the station.

Shibuya Station 1Shibuya Station in the Taisho and Pre-war Showa eras (1912-1945)

As Professor Ueno of the University of Tokyo stepped from the train Hachiko rushed to his side. His owner greeted Hachiko with a warm, affectionate hug and the two headed home. It was a ritual they followed daily until…

One day the professor didn’t get off the train. Hachiko was frightened and confused.  There was no way he could know that the man he loved so deeply had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and would never come home again. Hachiko could not accept that his beloved master would no longer be at his side. The loyal dog returned to the station…

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The Dogs We Love of 1913

Yoga Pose #1: The Awkward Dachshund


Rio Doing Yoga

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Katey loves chasing Squirrel in the snow!

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when they start going this fast i get dizzy


Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want a Home for the Holidays

Meet The Pooches

It was a great week for many dogs at Orphans of the Storm®! I of course have to say an extra-big YIPPEE!!! for Rocco, who was adopted after waiting several years for his perfect family to find him. We’re all so happy for you, Rocco!

Although the dogs profiled this week are fairly new to the shelter, they’re all eager to find their new forever homes in time for the holidays, too!

Yeager the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is an energetic, enthusiastic boy. He happily greets anyone who stops by his kennel and was extra excited to come outside for a walk with me. Because he was so energetic, it was a little hard to get a good picture of him. But I can tell you that he is a cute little guy.

Yeager would probably prefer to be in a more active home where he can go on…

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