Costs and Expense Analysis

Projected Annual expense per dog per year entered into Katey’s Keep
240.00 20.00 monthly average cost of food to be drop shipped directly to the clients home.**
240.00 Annual check up with all yearly vaccinations and tests*
140.00 advantix 2, 12 month supply**
80.00 heartgard plus, 12 month supply**
700.00 Total projected cost per pet per year

* This is paid as a purchase or contract directly to the Veterinary Clinics, remotely, via electronic banking. These costs MUST be defrayed through the use of both FOR profit as well as NON profit Vet clinics that use sliding scale payment plans. This reduces the time we spend on Client verification and insures the dignity and right to privacy of the client owners. Most importantly, this assures that the dog will have access to VASTLY more healthcare options, if he becomes hurt or ill. This projected Annual coverage per client dog of 380.00 ( annual check up, innoculations,  with year supply of preventative meds, ie, heart guard and advantix) could be expanded exponentially, based on the sliding scale of the clinic chosen as a provider.

** as with all Katey’s Keep, Inc, interactions, these expenses are paid contractually by us, and drop shipped directly to the client from the manufacturer/distributor.

NOTE:   splitting these costs into their various components allows donors to pay for the part of care that they deem most important, and could allow people who ask help FROM katey’s Keep Inc., to inform us of what their individual needs are, and can be a Data point to steer the focus of our awareness and fundraising campaigns.

A Catastrophic care fund shall be established as a separate savings account that will hold all unused funds raised based on this projection and should be considered accessible on a case by case basis, current funding considered. ONLY PETS that have had their annual check up and inoculations  annually, with help from Katey’s Keep, shall be considered for this extended coverage. 80% of this fund will be re allocated to the general fund at the beginning of the new fiscal year, to forecast the base rate of expansion, quarterly of our client dog roster that we can accept as referrals monthly from partnering veterinary clinics.

Preventative healthcare that is often overlooked by owners who are also sick, elderly, or disabled must always be our primary focus.

Katey’s Keep does notparticipate in or fund any spay/neuter programs, and at present will neither raise nor allocate funds for the procedures. IF you need help with spaying or neutering your pet, which we encourage you to do, please refer to the ASPCA, and it’s local affiliate in your area.


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