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You have found the On-line home of Katey’s Keep.

we are a non profit organization, helping sick, elderly and disabled people pay for their pet healthcare, fully understanding their value to people in crisis as therapeutic support. We also strive to carry the lastest relevant current events that affect dog owners with disabilities. It is our hope that our site can be used as a resource for information on improving the quality of the lives of these companion pets and their owners.



Come in take a look around. Mind the dogs by the fire. Find respite for the weary soul, fun for the light hearted, a foundation of support for companion pets of the sick, elderly, and disabled and a place for the dog lovers with a giving heart to give a gift of hope.

Find out who we are here

Companion pets improve the quality of life of the sick, elderly and disabled. We are dedicated to preserving that bond when and were we can.

Corporate sponsors help pay for the general operating expenses, to allow 100% of every dollar YOU donate to Katey’s Keep online to go directly to a companion dog in need.

Click on the logo, to read more about our corporate sponsor  this month.

If you think you may be able to help companion pets live a healthy life through direct corporate sponsorship, send us an email at:


In the world of social networking,  Giving money is far from the only way you can help. We rely on you, our most loyal of friends, to help us connect the people in need with the people who want to freely give. Follow us on facebook and Twitter, and not only help get the word out about who we are, but stay with us, and share your thoughts with us. Being able to hear us speak is only one half of the equation of all these social networking tools. The other half? It gives us the opportunity to hear you speak.

As we further explore the unique relationship between dogs and their Human companions, and how the strength this bond has affects and extends the lives of human beings, we hope that you will participate in all of the many options to be found here to your right. Whether you want to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or just have an email sent to you everytime the blog is updated, we invite you to take this journey with us.

Katey’s Keep On YouTube


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