Bridges and Barriers

If you have a veterinarian who you trust and have had good experiences with, please send us their name or a link to their site. You can contact us through Facebook or by sending us an Email at or We will share their link through all of our social media outlets, to make them known to the Dog Comunity in their area. Most importantly it helps us build a list of healthcare facilities that we have a financial relationship with as an organization.

The value of knowing your pet is in good hands is crucial to people already in their own health emergency, and your personal referrals can do just that. Ease the minds of those already weary. It is an easy way you can help by simply sending an E-Mail. You don’t have to pay dues or give funds to help us out in this way. You just have to be willing to take five minutes of your time to send us a note on your computer.

Below you will find a group of companies that have come to our attention as great resources for people who own dogs that are disabled, or are a hindrance to getting disabled people back to work and functioning on a day to day basis. Remember, one part time paycheck for a Disabled person gets them one step closer to independence, making the work we do here at Katey’s Keep easier, and companion dogs lives better. Support companies that hire the disabled, elderly and sick, not only their pets and owners.

People we urge you to support

Here you will find a group of Companies that are hostile to People with disabilities, the sick, the elderly and/or their pets.

Places we have received complaints about

We rely on your feedback to make sure these lists are complete. IF you have had a good or bad experience with a company or organisation,  send us your information describing your experiences.We will shuffle them to the appropriate list!

NOTE: You ONLY get here by personal recommendations or complaints, NEVER by paying.


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