Places to AVOID!

This is the list of places to avoid, not donate to or give patronage to: If you are on this list and would like to respond to the complaint, please e-mail us at:

The Bee Hive

a complaint has been made to Katey’s Keep that a disabled person applied for a job as a back waitier or Busboy there, and was interviewed after an application process. The manager informed a member of her staff that the reason he was not hired was because he reported he was on disability to her, as required, by law.

Katey’s Keep would urge people to avoid this establishment and consider it hostile to the Disabled, which is sad, since it is within the Boston Center for the Arts. A rep of BCA has stated that they only rent to the beehive, and that BCA is in compliance with HIPPA.

Nevertheless, they are responsible for where their money comes from, and I would urge you to not donate funds to this organization or consider patronage to any of its renters.

For anyone unsure of your rights as a disabled person, please refer to this government site.

MBTA  (buses)

MBTA buses do NOT allow dogs on at this time, other than licensed service dogs. The Trains they operate however are canine friendly.


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