Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers

Eric Digeorgi, CEO of Katey’s Keep. Inc, non proft.

Mr Digeorgi, a retired marine who fought in the Afghanistan war, and a successful  Entrepreneur and businessman who started two FOR profit corporations will serve as our CEO.  He is currently pursuing higher education at MIT and Leslie University. His advice has already been valuable and he has reduced the legal costs of incorporating as a non profit from a forecasted $1500.00 to aprox $300.00. He also serve’s on the Massachusetts Governor’s Advisory Board on veteran education affairs.

We have asked him to hold the Board of directors to the same code of honor that he, as a Marine and war veteran,  is known for, and will be key in assisting waste reduction, and providing independent oversight of the board of directors.

Lorraine Murray, CFO of Katey’s Keep. Inc, non proft

Our CFO is Lorraine Murray.

A long time advocate for the elderly, she has worked in law offices, co owned a small business for almost a decade, and has worked as an advocate and caretaker for the Elderly. Her experience will insure that the treasurer of the board of directors understands, and complies with the state IRS requirements for a nonprofit, and will monitor the board of director’s monthly treasurer report and acounting practices to insure we are 501(c)(3)  compliant.

She is currently pursuing a degree in elder care advocacy, and will provide us with a window into the needs of the elderly as well as her understanding of financial upkeep of an organisation

Nicole Weaver, Secretary of  non profit Corp.

Nicole Weaver, our Secretary of the Corporation, has vast experience in Medical/dental office management and medical billing. Her skills and experience with both patients, and filing insurance claims on their behalf, allows her to guide, train and oversee the secretary of the Board of DIrectors to find  a cost effective, and efficient method of filing all relevant reports with any state and federal agencies that monitor non profit organisations, and  keep records of expenses and income.


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